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Forex Trading 2012 20-06-2012 04:28 PM - Get Rebate for Every Trade
ForexReward is a rebate provider. We are happy to introduce our exclusive rebate program in Forex trading. Now you will receive cash rebate for your closing trades in your account. Forexreward have associated with over 35 reputed brokers. We help you to reduce cost of trading Forex by rewarding your account with rebates. Check out our brokers list.

Why choose ForexReward
  • We never add any markup on spread.
  • We offer competitive rebate
  • Choose your preferred broker from our list of 35+ industry leading brokers.
  • On time payment every month.
  • Prompt customer support.
Benefits of Rebate
  • It reduces the trading cost by lowering the spread.
  • Best part of Forex rebate is traders don't need to pay anything, rather they get paid for the same trades they are doing now.
  • Increases profitability. For example, if a trader makes $5,000 profit a month trading 50 lots, he/she can get $250 rebate. That will raise his/her profit to $5,250.
  • Traders get rebate for both winning and losing trades. If the original trade closed at a profit, rebate will increase that profit and if the trade closed at a loss, rebate will reduce the loss.

Visit ForexReward for more details

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